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What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Therapy gives you a regular space and time out of your day to day life to explore what is really happening in your life. Whether you are struggling with low self esteem, feeling not yourself, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, depression or a bereavement, therapy offers a supportive and safe relationship. In this relationship your underlying emotional feelings can come to the surface and be explored with another person who can support and work through the feelings with you with compassion and understanding.

Therapy can not take away past trauma or distress, but within an affective therapeutic relationship, there can be an understanding of one's own vulnerabilities and how one's life has become orchestrated to avoid touching these vulnerable parts of ourselves.

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Why counselling and psychotherapy?

Almost everyone experiences times when life just seems too much or too difficult. These challenges can be something at work, at home, a health issue or just a feeling that won't go away, nothing in particular.

Bottling these feelings up can be very draining and make living your life very difficult.

Within a therapeutic relationship, time and the opportunity to explore the deeper aspects of the self lead to a greater awareness of your feelings and emotions and how they have impacted on your choices. This understanding and compasion for their purpose enables you to adapt your vulnerabilities into strengths potentially enabling more positive choice making and a life that fits the real you.

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